Mark Loughridge, Board Member

Mark Loughridge, Board MemberMark Loughridge is a founder of Foundation 9 Entertainment (F9E), which grew to become one of the largest independent game developers in the world. F9E made software games for every major market and hardware platform around the world. It employed some of the top talent in the industry, including over 700 software programmers, artists, animators, game designers, sound designers and producers. During his 11+ years in growing this business, Mr. Loughridge oversaw the creative direction of the company, spearheaded new product development, and provided leadership on internal operations as well as strategic planning. He most recently served as Co-Chairman of F9E. Mr. Loughridge achieved his entrepreneurial dream when Francisco Partners acquired a controlling stake in F9E in 2006 with funding of up to $150 million. Mr. Loughridge is now an active investor in a variety of projects, with a particular passion for educational innovations and technology.