Our Worlds

We develop worlds that entertain, inspire, create community and drive adventure: imaginary, far away, historical, commercial, and more…

Branded Worlds

Create a world that nurtures your brand, extends your audience, and strengthens your community, with integrity and security.

Far Away Worlds

Take a virtual journey to Mars, the Amazon, the North Pole, or the Great Barrier Reef!
Take a virtual journey to Mars, the Amazon, the North Pole, or the Great Barrier Reef!

Historical Worlds

Spar with gladiators in the Colosseum, debate with Socrates at the Parthenon, cruise the Nile with Cleopatra, help Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel!

Imaginary Worlds

Take tea in the drawing room at Downton Abbey, tumble with the Terminator, or go through the looking glass with Alice in Wonderland!

Magical Worlds

Let your favorite characters guide you through the universe of Star Wars, Hogwarts Castle, the magical world of Oz, or the romantic Japan of the Last Sumarai!

Entertaining Worlds

Join your friends in a private 24/7 nightclub, where you can meet new people, exchange dance moves, chat and text while listening to live bands or your personal DJ requests!

Collaborative Worlds

Work with colleagues to hone customer response and service processes, train for projects and missions, and collaborate on designs and systems.

Commercial Worlds

Test-drive your dream car, tour your luxury home, customize your personal yacht, and display your personal art collection!

Develop Your Custom ImmersiveWorld!

Develop an ImmersiveWorld customized to your business, your brand, your content and your community. A perfect platform for corporate or user-generated content.

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