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Our Markets

ImmersiveWorlds utilizes advanced rendering and social networking capabilities to create a customized interactive virtual world that promotes and protects your brand.

  • Our worlds can be developed for client needs:  exploration, education, discovery, training, collaboration, commerce and more.
  • We create new digital worlds with client use restrictions, where brand representation, behavior, dress, language and symbols can be controlled by the client.
  • Development can be completed in-house with our platform, or clients can contract with ImmersiveWorlds for development.
  • We cooperate with clients to share domain expertise and content.

ImmersiveWorlds is focused on a range of market verticals as well as bespoke collaborative development:

  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Education and Training
  • Museums, Planetariums and other Cultural Institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail

Multi-platform support:

  • Our proprietary OpenGL-based rendering engine allows extension of virtual worlds outside of Windows to leverage other technologies such as Unity, Unreal, Maya and others.
  • One avatar account can be shared over multiple clients with OpenID technology.
  • Our Avatar As A Service (AAAS) server technology enables sharing avatar data over multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, mobile devices, “goggles” and more.
  • Our platform enables the creation of highly customized avatars.
  • Commerce-ready:  Our platform is equipped to process transactions, handle virtual and real goods and currency.