ImmersiveWorlds: Innovating with VR & AR

We develop, collaborate and consult with clients, empowering them to use VR and AR to extend, enhance and promote brands, products, services and content.

Our market-ready VR/AR platform enables enterprise clients to:

  • Create dynamic, engaging experiences
  • Attract customers and promote new offerings
  • Increase existing sales and add new revenue channels
  • Enable innovative social interactions and commerce

Benefits of our VR, AR, and Mixed Reality ImmersiveWorlds include:

  • Commerce-ready:  Equipped to process transactions, track inventory and handle virtual and real goods and currency
  • Social: Connected to all major social media platforms; text and audio chat
  • Fidelity: Breathtakingly realistic renderings and environments and gripping and powerful images
  • Scalability: Supporting thousands of simultaneous users per virtual world to create truly scalable attractions
  • Security: Robust content management system gives IP holders the control they need to protect users from inappropriate content; all virtual content is client-controlled and registered in our secure server environment
  • Flexibility; AR/VR and Mixed Reality multi-platform support; hardware and system agnostic; supporting ios and android, pc, tablet and mobile

Custom Avatar Creation and Clothing System

  • Our platform enables the creation of highly customized avatars with a wealth of features, makeup, clothing and accessories options
  • Our Avatar As A Service (AAAS) server technology enables sharing avatar data over multiple platforms including pc, Mac, mobile, and more – even Google Streetview!
  • One avatar account can be shared over multiple clients with OpenID technology

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